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Born in Italy, living in Paris. I am an advisor for designers and brands with a deep sensitivity on trends and an acquired knowledge on historical and contemporary fashion brands, contemporary art and design.

I use these tools to work on designer's and brand's identities, develop aesthetics, values and products. I am a tutor and lecturer in art and design schools, where I teach fashion research, concept, design development and trend forecasting. 



I am a contemporary french artist, considered as "conceptual". 

My deep involvement with art has led me to evolve in the world of art since 1995.

In the early nineties, I joined the video creation team of Fabrica, Benetton research center for communication in Venice, Italy, driven by famous photographer Oliviero Toscani. 

Since then I have partnered as manager with artists, galleries, video producers, and I developed my own art activity focusing on conceptualism and minimalism. 

Together we combine our cultural backgrounds, experts eyes, sensitivities and competences. 

".a" refers to Jacques Lacan's concept of desire.

It represents an object of desire, considered impossible to possess, which  moves us in our search for satisfaction.  

(c) .a agency 2023

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